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Uber Eats serves up foodie experiences in a test for new feature

When you think of Uber Eats, you think of meal delivery. But the company is currently testing a new feature that means you might soon be thinking of cooking classes and restaurant experiences, too.

The trial run is open to Uber Eats customers in San Francisco, Forbes reports, and encourages foodies to consider taking a culinary class or having dinner at a recommended restaurant.

Called Uber Moments, the feature seems similar in nature to Airbnb Experiences, with the app surfacing stimulating experiences that are bookable in a few taps on your smartphone.

When asked about the trial, Uber declined to confirm its existence, instead telling Forbes: “We’re always thinking about new ways to enhance the Eats experience.”

The report notes that Moments offers a range of offerings for Uber Eats customers, including, for example, a $75 class showing you how to make Chinese dumplings, or, if you’d prefer to eat rather than cook, a five-course Nigerian dinner costing $55.

Uber Eats customers in San Francisco can check out the new feature by tapping the Moments banner at the top of the display in the Uber Eats app. Then it’s a case of exploring the various experiences on offer, selecting one that sounds fun, and inputting the number of attendees. Finally, tap the “order received” button and select a suitable date and time. Bookings are confirmed by email within 24 hours.

The latest test comes after Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in September 2019 that he wants his company to become “the operating system for your daily life.”

Such ambition may sound unsettling for folks wary of tech companies moving evermore into people’s lives, but in Uber’s eyes, it’s a natural step as it seeks to take its business beyond the ridesharing platform on which it made its name.

San Francisco-based Uber has, for example, already been making big investments to add other modes of transportation to its service, including rentable electric scooters and bikes.

It’s also been testing the idea of bringing all of its services into a single app to make it easier for customers to hop between each one, which should lead to greater engagement and more sales. Rival firm Lyft is taking a similar route.

Testing of Uber Moments will run until November 17, after which the company will analyze feedback from the customers and businesses that featured as part of the service. Depending on the response, we could see Moments rolled out to more cities before too long.

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