Vapor Sky turns your favorite sounds into customized waveform artwork

vapor sky turns your favorite sounds into customized waveform artwork vaporsky

They say that sounds are second only to smell when it comes to taking you back to a particular time, place, or event in your life. If you’re a music fan, you’ve probably noticed that certain favorite albums seem to be inextricably linked to the season or life stage that you were in when you most listened to the album. Vapor Sky has come up with a clever way to integrate your favorite sounds or songs into your home decor using images of audio waveforms that they call Resonant Decor ($199-$800).

Customers can choose from 25 different color options, or contact the company for an even more custom palette, which range from bold and bright to muted and sophisticated. Then users can upload the desired audio file to the company’s Website and choose from a variety of canvas sizes. From there, the clever folks over at Vapor Sky use audio editing software to accurately capture a raw image of the waveform from your chosen audio file. The waveform image combines with your chosen color palette to create a one-of-a-kind personalized artwork to remind you of your favorite song or sound. The images are then printed on high-quality canvas and will arrive at your door stretched and ready to hang.

On first thought, this smart idea seemed like it might only be suited for the tech set or swanky bachelor pads, but after looking at the gallery of custom-made waveform images, we’re convinced that the artwork could be incorporated to just about any living space. Change the color palette based on your design preferences and you can create a show-stopping piece of artwork, whether you have a sleek and modern loft or a cozy suburban bungalow.