Ventura Sparc MGS Watch uses your energy to power digital screen

ventura sparc mgs watch uses your energy to power digital screen

A favorite watch can become the bane of your existence when the battery runs out of juice, leaving you without the time and with a hard-to-find battery to hunt down and replace. Ventura is set to reveal a new kinetic watch in the next few weeks that takes the cake when it comes to convenience and style. The Ventura Sparc MGS ($TBA) uses a micro-generator and its users kinetic energy to power the watch’s digital LCD screen. The ‘oscillating mass’ seen above the digital display, will be rotated by the movement of the user and, long story short, this somehow creates enough electricity to power the watch. The watch features a 100-year perpetual calendar, date, alarm, chrono, countdown, and a power reserve of up to 45 days. In keeping with the motion technology, the watch also uses an EasySkroll function, which lets users scroll through the UI by moving their wrist. From the looks of things, the watch will be available in steel with a matching band (seen above) or in black with a smooth black band.