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Vibrance smart bulb injects some scents into your mood lighting

Why delight just one sense when you can delight two? That appears to be the question on the Vibrance team’s mind, as they introduce a new light bulb that helps you “wake up, energize, relax, sleep, and more.” Not only will you see the light emitted by this bulb, but you’ll smell it, too. Not the light, per se, but the therapeutic scents of lavender, parsley, and other scents meant to “stimulate your mind and body toward your desired moods or goals.” In essence, you’ll be turning your home into a spa by way of a light bulb.

Heralded as a “silent scent and light alarm clock,” you’ll no longer be jolted awake by sirens or whatever other cacophony you currently have set on your smartphone. Rather, the Vibrance gives your ears a rest, and instead releases an aroma before your desired wake-up time. As the hour of reckoning approaches, the scent intensifies, and the LED light simultaneously becomes brighter to “gently wake you, stimulating your senses to promote a good start to the day.”

Moreover, the Vibrance takes the outside environment into consideration in both its lighting and aromatherapy functions. This smart bulb will adjust your light’s intensity and its scent to complement the weather. For example, the Vibrance teams says, “Lavender, which is known for its mood enhancing properties, can be used on rainy days when the weather is bringing you down.”

Vibrance | Smart Bulb with Integrated Aromatherapy

Your Vibrance can even alert you to your phone activity. This smart lighting can be customized to notify you of calls or texts with the flicker of a light, and it can also serve as a silent alarm to alert you when your food is ready, your laundry is done, or more (it’s IFTTT compatible). And of course, like all good smart home devices, the Vibrance can be controlled by way of a companion app, accessible on your smartphone.

The scents of the Vibrance are stored in a 30 mL cartridge, which generally last a week with normal use, and are refillable with any essential oil. And as for the light itself, the LED smart bulb boasts up to 800 lumens or 60 watts with 30,000 hours of continuous life.

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