VITAband puts ID and cash on the wrists of runners and athletes

vitaband puts id and cash on the wrists of runners athletes gear patrol

If you’re a runner, you’ve probably left the house many times before with nothing on you but a house key. This is true for plenty of other athletes who like to be in the outdoors without a bulky wallet or bag filled with stuff that they most likely won’t use. But what happens if you get in an accident, injure yourself, or need money for something? These aren’t fun ‘what ifs’ to think about, but they’re the reason that the VITAband ($40) was designed. It’s always a good idea to have identification, an emergency contact number, and some money on you at all times, even if you’re just out for a late-night jog. The VITAband is a small silicone wristband that makes all of that possible without the usual bulk.

Each wristband has a unique identifier number printed on it that is linked to the VITAband profile users create online. If you’re injured or in an accident, emergency responders can access all of this information by calling the VITAband hotline number. This profile includes important information including medications, allergies, blood type, insurance, and emergency contacts. A personalized chip is inserted into the wristband as a form of contactless payment. Users create an account online and can load money onto a prepaid Visa debit card. The card will work anywhere that accepts contactless payments. Perfect for that bottle of Gatorade should you feel a little lightheaded.