WaterBuoy keeps your keys from drowning

waterbuoy keeps your keys from drowning water buoy gear patrol

Losing your keys or another important object in a body of water is never fun. Whether you are participating in fast-paced water sports of some kind or simply lounging on your friend’s sailboat, the danger of losing your keys or wallet into the deep abyss is enough to make anyone worry. Usually those things are lost forever, but not if you are the dorky (but smart) guy who happened to attach a WaterBuoy ($13) to the important item. This clever little device was created specifically to save your precious items from a terrible and irreversible drowning into deep waters. The WaterBuoy is designed to activate a rubber balloon when immersed in water to keep your item both floating and visible. The device is splash-proof so don’t worry about a little rain making a balloon unexpectedly appear. When activated, the balloon will keep anything under 2.2 pounds floating for 24 hours, and an integrated LED light will flash to make objects easy to find at night on dark waters. It may be a device that rarely gets used, but if you have room on your keychain, a WaterBuoy might be an important lifesaver the one time you need it.