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Whirlpool device filing looks to make microwave ovens smarter, connected

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There are a growing number of smart, connected appliances in homes across the U.S., but microwaves seem to be lagging behind the trend. Looking to correct that, appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has filed an FCC document for a smart, connected microwave with a number of interesting options and features.

Wi-Fi connectivity is the basis for this new, smart microwave design, as it is with almost every connected device available today. That would allow you to control the appliance with your smartphone, giving you the ability to monitor and manage it from a distance.

Still no cameras in microwaves, but look at what just popped up at the FCC – one of the first connected microwaves.

— Lee Ratliff (@LeeRatliff) March 15, 2017

This should give you local control over it from other parts of your home, or potentially give you the ability to operate it remotely — though that function seems less useful for a microwave and may not be included for security reasons.

Notifications could be part of its smart functions, giving you a heads up when food is complete (thanks TheSpoon), That could be useful in situations where the traditional beeping isn’t enough to reach your ears, or for those who are hard of hearing.

Of particular interest to orthodox Jewish customers will be the “Kosher Consumer Friendly Mode,” which would let you ensure that lights and controls are not operated during the Sabbath, though they could still permit operation if required, in observance of the rules of Halakha.

As interesting as these features are though, we can’t help but think it could be taken further. We’ve seen developments in other appliances like smart fridges and stovetops for years now, including the use of cameras to help cook food to the right temperature and avoid fires. There’s certainly some potential there for improved smart function.

What kind of features would you like to see in a microwave of the future?

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