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Amazon Halo View launches alongside new nutrition and fitness features

As a part of the Amazon fall event hosted by the tech giant earlier today, Amazon has announced the new Halo View.

The new iteration of Amazon’s wearable fitness tracker features a plethora of upgrades, namely an integrated AMOLED touchscreen that shows the user tracking features such as heart rate, intensive workout tracking, and time. The Halo View will also monitor sleep tracking and blood oxygen levels, as well as show notifications on the screen. It also has waterproofing for optimized fitness use, but despite all these new features it’s not technically a replacement of the Halo Band, since the Band will still be sold by Amazon.

Cycler riding while wearing the Amazon Halo View.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Similar aesthetically to the Fitbit Charge line, its price point is cheaper than Fitbit and the Halo Band at $80. While it’s only been announced in three colors so far, consumers can expect a host of other colors for the silicone wristbands, plus leather and metallic options, in the future.

In conjunction with the wearable, Amazon also announced a series of new Halo membership options that will work with the device’s tracking features to boost health benefits. Amazon announced Halo Fitness, which will include studio workouts and offer users access to real-time workout metrics. Users can also expect Halo Nutrition to drop in January 2022. Similar to Halo Fitness, Halo Nutrition will help monitor the user’s nutrition in conjunction with Fitness to ensure that on top of a healthy activity level, the user’s nutrition is monitored to boost health benefits. It’s important to note that just like Fitbit Premium, not all Halo membership features are integrated with Halo hardware. 

Amazon Halo Nutrition app.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It’s also important to note that the Halo View will require a Halo subscription program in order to function at its full capability. Without it, users can expect to record activity sessions, steps, heart rate, and calories burned. More in-depth analysis of movement score, body composition, and sleep scoring will require the subscription. Amazon also announced that with the purchase of a Halo, consumers will receive six months of Halo membership for free. After that, according to the Halo Band, the subscription is $3.99 monthly. The Halo View, on the other hand, will come with a full year of Halo membership. 

Announced last year, the first Halo device, Halo Band focused on targeting health and fitness goals without a touchscreen and retailed for $99. In our review, we liked its affordable price point and fitness and health tracking features. While the Halo Band will still be sold, the Halo View is expected to release in time for the holidays at the aforementioned, more affordable $80 price point. 

Halo View + App.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

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