Everything we want to see at Amazon’s September 2021 event

September has been the month when Amazon hosts its annual fall event, so we expect the rumor mill to start churning about what we can hope to see. Even though we haven’t had much yet in terms of rumors, nor has the event been officially green-lit by Amazon, we expect a few new products are at least likely to make an appearance whenever the event happens. One in particular we’re excited about centers around security camera maker Ring.

Last year, Amazon announced new Echo hardware in the form of the spherical Echo, as well as the new Echo Show 10 with its rotating display. The company also announced its cloud gaming service called Luna, the Ring Always Home Cam, and the Wi-Fi routers Eero 6 and Eero 6 Pro. Customers can likely expect more announcements in this vein this year, as well as more details on previous announcements that have yet to release.

Ring Always Home Cam in the flesh

Ring Always Home Cam docking with its base.

Last year, Amazon announced the Ring Always Home Cam, a drone-like home security camera that patrols your home with pre-set flight paths. While the device looks interesting and innovative, there has not yet been a working model available for testing. With any luck, Amazon will show more details about the Always Home Cam at its fall event, and give more details about the device’s capabilities and a more concrete release date (besides a general sometime in 2021 release). One of the few solid pieces of information we have is that it will be priced at $250.

Verizon Smart Display

Rendered image of front and back of Verizon Smart Display.

Amazon already announced the Verizon Smart Display during its Alexa Live 2021 developers conference this summer, and it takes full advantage of Amazon’s custom voice assistant tool. Rather than saying “Hey, Alexa,” the display will activate when you say, “Hey, Verizon.” The display was announced, but little else is known about the product so far. There are already a variety of third-party smart displays on the market, but the majority of these target Google Assistant rather than Alexa. The Lenovo Smart Display lineup is an example.

Amazon’s fall event is the perfect time to demonstrate any special capabilities in the Verizon Smart Display, as well as show off ways developers can further create custom smart assistants that integrate seamlessly into the Alexa platform.

Ring and car security

Ring Car Alarm with accompanying mobile app running on phone.

Ring has already made inroads into the car security space with the Ring Car Cam, the Ring Car Connect, and the Ring Car Alarm. These tools allow you to record activity in and around your vehicle, control your smart home through your car, or even contact emergency services with just a few words. Think of it like an Amazon-powered OnStar. Ring’s presence in the car security space is just an extension of Amazon Echo Auto.

It wouldn’t be at all surprising for Ring to announce even more auto-focused security devices this year, especially as cars grow more intelligent with integrated systems like those already seen in Tesla models.

New Echo hardware

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock front.
John Velasco / Digital Trends

It has been several years since Amazon first launched the Amazon Smart Plug. The device works great but doesn’t look particularly great. With the company’s recent focus on aesthetics, it’s possible that a new lineup of smart plugs (and other Echo-compatible hardware) could be around the corner.

The smart plugs could be reconfigured to be less bulky or combine two outlets into one. Amazon might also launch a new Echo speaker. The Echo Show 10, Echo Dot (4th Gen), and Echo (4th Gen) were all announced last year, but the Echo Studio may potentially receive the upgrade treatment. This is the perfect chance to launch an audio-centric speaker that competes with Nest Audio.

Outdoor Echo hardware

Almost everything smart home-focused is designed for the interior of the home, but there is a gap where outdoor hardware is concerned. Amazon might choose to take advantage of this gap in the market and launch a product with Alexa capabilities for use outdoors, such as a floating speaker for the pool or a weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker. It’s unlikely that something along these lines would be in development with no leaks at all, but the possibility is always there.

Amazon seems focused on putting Alexa in as many devices as possible, with smaller options like the Echo Flex coming to mind as an example.

More on Amazon Luna

Google Stadia is struggling to gain popularity, but little has been said about Amazon Luna. The cloud gaming service hasn’t caught up to other services in popularity, but it’s still in its early days. The upcoming event is a good time for Amazon to announce upgrades and improvements to the service to make it more easily accessible for gamers, especially if the company works out some kind of integration with the acclaimed Xbox Game Pass service.

There isn’t a lot of information on what to expect with the Amazon event, but previous events give some indication of the kind of announcements to look for. Stay tuned here for more information and updated announcements as the date grows closer.

When is Amazon’s fall 2021 event?

More likely than none, Amazon will be hosting its event in September 2021, since it follows in the tradition of years past. Specifically, it has been held towards the end of the month.

How to watch Amazon’s fall 2021 event

It’s unknown whether Amazon’s fall 2021 event will be streamed publicly. In fact, it was an “invite-only” event, so the public didn’t get to hear or see any of the announcements online. Who knows if this will be the same plan for its fall 2021 event.

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