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The wall-mountable Echo Show 15 will rule your smart home

Amazon’s annual fall showcase saw its fair share of exciting announcements. One such revelation is the all-new Amazon Echo Show 15, the company’s biggest smart display yet.

The 15.6-inch 1080p HD display parts ways with the boxier designs of previous Echo Show displays, favoring a sleeker, flatter design. It’s also the first Show that can be wall-mounted for either landscape or portrait viewing. Powered by the Alexa voice assistant and Amazon’s new AZ2 neural-edge processor, it places a great emphasis on shared family connections. Intended to stand upright or be hung in communal spots throughout the home (living room, kitchen, hallway, etc.), the Echo Show 15 will allow the whole family to check in on shared calendar events, post sticky notes, add to shopping lists, and more.

Amazon Echo Show 15 on countertop.

This isn’t a completely reconstructed Echo Sho.w though. All of the fan-favorite features of existing Shows are here. too, including music streaming, smart home controls, news and weather reports, and whatever else you use Alexa for. New to the Show game is exactly how you’ll be able to manage all of these commands and devices. Making use of the larger screen, users will be able to implement and customize several display widgets that will be directly accessible on the home screen.

Amazon Echo Show 15 hanging horizontally on the wall in a kitchen.

Another new feature is a live picture-in-picture camera that will allow you to do things like access real-time footage from video doorbells and cameras while you do other things with the Echo Show. Speaking of cameras, a new feature known as Visual ID allows the Echo Show 15 to know who is standing in front of it, which then allows the smart display to show content that is curated for the individual user, such as greetings, calendar events, and reminders. For example, let’s say a child user walks in front of the Show. The display will be smart enough to load up whatever parental controls you have set in the Alexa app to protect your kin from uncensored web content.

Amazon Echo Show 15 lifestyle image.

As the icing on the new display cake, we also love that when the Show isn’t in use, you can have it showcase custom wall-art.

Amazon’s latest smart display, the Echo Show 15, will sell for $249 when it hits shelves later this year.

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