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Amazon’s Smart Thermostat lets Alexa choose the best temp

Amazon is finally hopping on the smart thermostat train. Revealed at the company’s annual fall conference, the Amazon Smart Thermostat, produced in collaboration with Honeywell, will sell for $60.

Compatible with most residential 24-volt HVAC systems, this Energy-Star certified thermostat will go toe-to-toe with the likes of Google Nest, Ecobee, and other competitors. But compared to the rest, Amazon’s offering looks to be one of the cheapest smart thermostats on the market, period. And once you add in things like energy provider rebates and other savings tools, it becomes clear just how great of an investment the Amazon Smart Thermostat could be.

Amazon Smart Thermostat hanging on wall.

Like all things Amazon, Alexa runs the show with the Smart Thermostat. Similar to Google Nest, Alexa will use geofencing and other algorithmic AI tools, in addition to Hunches, to provide a super-intuitive temperature experience. Let’s say that after several weeks of operating the thermostat, Alexa is able to memorize when you’re away for work. This means that without you having to do a thing, Alexa will be able to automatically run your HVAC at an idol temp for when you’re vacant, and then switch over to something more cozy and optimized when you return home.

We’re also big fans of the rather straightforward design and touchscreen interface. It’s not visually bold by any means, and that’s just the point. The Amazon Smart Thermostat will have an easy time blending in with most home decor and wall colors. It’s also near-impossible to not understand exactly how to use the thermostat, simply by looking at it. A main temperature indicator is front-and-center, with up/down buttons for adjustments — and that’s pretty much it. We’re sure that customizations and other settings will be a bit more extensive through the Alexa app, but we can’t confirm that just yet.

Amazon Smart Thermostat hanging on wall.

Smart thermostats are one of the best investments you can make for your residence, allowing you to save considerable amounts of money on your monthly energy bill. While we’ve yet to experience the Amazon Smart Thermostat firsthand, it looks like the $60 device will be an excellent addition to Amazon’s already extensive library of web-connected hardware.

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