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Apple redesigns App Store web interface to be more in line with iOS

apple app store web redesign png
The Apple App Store has gotten some serious design overhauls in the last few years — if you’re on an iOS device. The web interface of the App Store, however, has largely remained the same. Until now, that is.

Apple has finally rolled out a major redesign to the web interface of the App Store, making it look a lot more like the iOS app. The redesign includes larger images, a bigger focus on curating apps and reviews of those apps, and so on. On web pages for apps, you’ll also see a notice that says “This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.”

Also included in the redesign are new screenshots, which show how the app will look on the iPhone X — Apple’s flagship phone, and its only phone without a standard rectangular design. The screenshots are basically the same, but they now have rounded corners — so they look a little more modern. You’ll also be able to toggle easily to iPad screenshots with a button right above the images.

The move makes sense. Apple recently removed the App Store from the iTunes desktop app, making the web interface the only way to access the App Store on a computer. That came in iTunes 12.7, which also removed Books and iTunes U. So far, Apple has been running with a relatively outdated design on the web.

It also makes sense from an ease-of-use perspective. Those that are used to accessing the App Store on their iPhone or iPad will now be able to more easily make their way around the web interface if they need to. As noted by 9to5Mac, the redesign brings the App Store a little more in line with the web interface of Apple Music. Apple Music is probably a little more widely used on computers than the App Store — users will want to listen to music on their computers, but not necessarily download iOS apps to them — so it makes sense why Apple tackled Music first.

If you like, you can check out the redesigned web interface of the App Store for yourself here.

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