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Apple Maps enhances road trips with multistop routing, transit fares

Amid a barrage of updates to iOS 16’s lock screen, Apple Pay, and more, Apple also used its WWDC 2022 keynote to unveil several changes to Apple Maps. While Apple Maps has long been the butt of many jokes, Apple’s mapping application is poised to get a few key features this year, including multistop routing, new transit information, and more detailed maps in more cities and countries.

Multistop routing

Multistop routing is the highlight of this year’s Maps update, and it’s bound to be the most useful for folks. With this update, Maps users can create a route with up to 15 stops on the way to their final destination. Planning a big road trip and want to schedule a few stops at gas stations or restaurants along the way? Multistop routing lets you do that. You can create multistop routes directly on your iPhone or on your Mac and send them to your iPhone when you’re ready to hit the road.

Apple Maps running on an iPhone and MacBook Pro.

New transit features

Another standout feature is how Apple Maps is improving transit information. While traveling or planning your route, Apple Maps will show you any upcoming fares and how much they’ll cost — ensuring there are no surprise costs along the way. But Apple Maps doesn’t stop there. If you have a transit card saved in Apple Pay (which was also just updated at WWDC 2022), Apple Maps will show its remaining balance and alert you if it needs additional funds.

Better maps for more users

Beyond those functional changes, Apple Maps is also getting a few significant visual improvements. Developers can use the MapKit API to integrate enhanced visuals in select cities. This includes high-resolution renders for homes on Zillow, and Bird making its bikes and scooters more easily visible.

New transit information in the Apple Maps app on an iPhone.

Apple Maps is also getting much more detailed mapping data for additional cities. After adding 3D maps for major Canadian cities in March, Apple teased its first look at a redesigned Las Vegas map and confirmed six more locations are also coming (including Chicago and Miami). Finally, Apple Maps is expanding its updated mapping tech to 11 new countries: Belgium, France, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland. Along with more mapping detail, these countries will also get features like Look Around and bicycling navigation.

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