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Apple VR rumored to run on Mac chipset

The currently unannounced Apple VR headset already has plenty of rumors surrounding it, and now another leaker suggests that the tech will rely on Mac chipsets to run. The chips in question are the M2s that will be included in the updated Mac mini set for release at some point later in 2022.

Because the VR headset is rumored to be an all-in-one stand-alone device similar to the Oculus Quest 2, it would make sense that Apple would kit it out with some of the company’s most recent computer hardware. Since the M2 features an eight-core CPU and a 10-core GPU, it seems like the Apple VR will be able to hold its own in terms of processing power against the rest of the headsets currently on the market.

While these specs certainly look promising, it’s important to note that it’s still just a rumor. The most recent leak comes from a tweet made by VR designer and hardware analyst Brad Lynch, but he isn’t the first person to suggest that Apple VR will run on M2s. In fact, it’s been rumored since December 2021, when someone with knowledge of the company’s supply chain information leaked the details.

Apple VR will have "Staten” M2. Based on the current A15 chip, while M1 is based on the A14 Bionic. Just like M1, will feature an eight-core CPU, but w/ a more powerful 10-core GPU

The new performance cores are codenamed “Avalanche,” and efficiency cores are known as “Blizzard”

— Brad Lynch (@SadlyItsBradley) March 10, 2022

This doesn’t mean that Lynch’s info doesn’t add anything, however. As more and more leaks appear from different sources, they begin to give the information stronger plausibility. An additional tweet from Lynch also provides a new nugget of information as well: The head-mounted display will feature another, new chipset that works in tandem with the M2.

Leaks and rumors surrounding the Apple VR have been abundant recently, with one of the most notable leaks coming from Apple itself. In February, an iOS developer made reference to the operating system name planned for the hardware: RealityOS.

As more leaks make their way into the spotlight, a clearer picture of the Apple VR is being painted. So far, it’s looking like a promising piece of tech that, if it truly runs on the Mac chipset, could be the next big thing for Apple.

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