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Asus already promoting its Computex 2013 event, hints at Galaxy Note-challenging tablet with a stylus

Asus Computex 2013Asus has started its Computex 2013 promotional activity early this year, with just over 23 days, at the time of writing, to go before the show begins. Computex is one of the major annual tech shows, and as it takes place in Taiwan, it could be seen as Asus’ “home” show. For this reason, Computex has been the launch platform for a variety of exciting and innovative products from Asus over the past few years, and it looks like it will continue that tradition in 2013.

The company will hold a press conference on June 3 at 3pm local time, but before then, we have a total of five teaser videos to enjoy, the first of which has now gone live. It’s pretty standard fare, showing people enjoying Asus products, and the narrator talking about growth through innovation, and crucially, transformation.

Asus Tablet StylusAsus has an entire line of products under the Transformer name, including tablets such as the Transformer Infinity, and unusual tablet/desktop mash-ups like the Transformer AiO. We can assume, thanks to the many references to transforming in the video and on the website, we’ll be introduced to some new Transformer hardware at the show.

But what about in the video? Has Asus dropped any hints of what’s to come? Well, perhaps. Halfway through, we see the tablet display section of a Transformer laptop detach from its keyboard dock, then morph into what looks like a smaller tablet in portrait orientation. It’s what comes next that’s unusual, as from the bottom right extends what looks like a stylus. It’s hardly subtle, and there’s no obvious reason why this would be added, if it wasn’t to illustrate a feature of the device.

Does this mean Asus is about to launch its own Galaxy Note challenger? Samsung has made the stylus its own following the release of the Note smartphone and the Note tablet range, and we’ve yet to see any other companies try to take it on. Asus already produces a stylus for the Taichi, but it’s sold separately, rather than being built into the device. We’ll learn more over the coming weeks, as Asus still has another four videos to release before the event.

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