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AT&T offers monthly data plans for tablets

iPad 2

Mobile operator AT&T has introduced new post-paid data plans for tablet users—whether that be an Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, or perhaps something more exotic coming down the pipe. The post-paid plans look a lot like AT&T’s data plans for smartphones, giving the users an option to pay $15 a month for up to 250 MB of data or $25 a month for up to 2 GB of data service.

“Tablets offer the convenience of mobile broadband virtually anywhere and our new billing options give customers the flexibility to choose how they prefer to be billed,” said AT&T’s chief marketing officer David Christopher, in a statement.

Folks who sign up for the $25/2GB plan will, for a limited time, get the first month of service free, but watch out: AT&T will charge $10 for each additional GB of overage. That fee seems to be the primary distinction with the month-to-month plan, which charges a flat $25 for an additional 2GB of data.

The new options sit alongside AT&T’s existing pre-paid data plans for tablet devices, and neither requires a contract commitment: customers can use either plan on a month-to-month basis and cancel at any time without penalty. The plan will be available for all 3G tablets carried by AT&T; including the just-announced iPad 2 due to go on sale March 11.

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