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The best iPhone 12 Pro leather cases

If you’re picking up a new, sleek iPhone 12 Pro, you probably want a way to protect it, too. Since the iPhone 12 line made some updates to the overall design and shape of the phones, you can’t just choose any old case for the 12 Pro. And if you’re getting a new case, why not make it luxurious, professional leather? If that’s exactly what you have in mind for your iPhone or a gift to another user, we’ve got just the cases you need to see.

Leather cases have a lot of advantages, including durability and overall feel. However, some may not be compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe technology for magnetically attaching charging cables (and eventually other components) to the back of the iPhone. If MagSafe compatibility is your top concern, you may be better off with Apple’s own silicone case, or zoom down to our final hybrid leather pick.

Nomad Rugged Case iPhone 12 Pro

The slim Nomad case is made from leather fashioned by the Horween Leather Company of Chicago, one of the old tanneries in the country. The vegetable-tanned leather is designed to age over time, gradually developing a beautiful patina as it is used, so you can expect the case to grow more beautiful as it ages.

The ruggedization is also no joke — this case offers 10-foot drop protection thanks to an internal bumper, plus an external wraparound bumper for more protection from all sides. The slim design also means that MagSafe connections sort of work with it. The MagSafe charger can charge your iPhone through the case, but it can’t get a good connection so it won’t stay attached (which kind of ruins the point compared to any other wireless charger).

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Pro

Mujjo’s beautiful wallet case is crafted from high-quality leather that, like our first pick, is designed to develop a unique patina over time. It also sports an artful sleeve in the back that’s made to hold a few cards and substitute as a wallet when necessary. Unlike some wallet cases, the Mujjo case manages to stay slim and attractive, so it’s still easy to slide it in and out of your pocket whenever you need to. Also, note that this case is available in a variety of colors, so you can customize it to be much brighter if you prefer.

Pad & Quill Bella Fino iPhone 12 Pro Wallet Case

If you’re looking for a more sizable case that turns your iPhone 12 Pro into a one-stop accessory for everything you need, you’ll love this fold-out wallet case made from American full-grain leather. The leather has been processed to be marine-grade and UV light-resistant, while the variety of handy pockets make room for five to seven cards and some cash, plus a viewing window for an ID. It really is the complete package, but you can add more if you want to: There’s an optional elastic strap pack you can buy for $10 with multiple strap colors for a little extra security.

Of course, while this case is surprisingly slim, it will take up a bit of extra room, so keep that in mind when you buy.

Pipetto iPhone 12 Pro Magnetic Leather Case

This super-simple leather case is a great fit for fans of minimalism. It’s a close-fitting leather model that even leaves room for a screen protector — but it also has a little secret. There’s a magnetic plate worked into the back of the case that’s designed to enable accessories. Unfortunately, it won’t work well with MagSafe, but it is designed to support magnetic mounts on cars, desks, and similar locations, without the need to mess with adhesive stickers or other measures often used in magnetic mounts.

Bellroy Polymer/Leather Phone Case iPhone 12 Pro

Bellroy has a slightly different take on the leather case. This model is made from a combination of flexible polymer and premium leather from the Leather Working Group. It also sports an extra-soft microfiber liner on the side to keep things cozy and damage-free when pulling the case on or off. But the best feature may be compatibility with MagSafe chargers and other accessories, so you don’t have to worry about losing that feature.

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