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7 of the best Kindle Paperwhite cases for easy reading on the go

best Kindle Paperwhite cases
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So you’ve gotten yourself a new Kindle Paperwhite, and you’re ready to blaze through that to-read pile. But before you tuck it under your arm and venture out to find a tree to loiter underneath, consider the durability of your new device. While it’s not likely to endure as much as your smartphone, your Kindle won’t just be used for reading in bed. Chances are it’ll experience life on the beach, by the pool, in the great outdoors — everywhere you want to read. Why not keep it protected? No one wants their Kindle damaged from falling over — or falling on their face. We’ve scoured the web for the best Kindle Paperwhite cases to keep your ebook reader covered and protected, wherever you need it.

Otterbox Defender ($70)

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Who better to turn to for protection than Otterbox? This case clips around your Kindle Paperwhite and offers a three-layer construction to keep your device safe. A two-piece polycarbonate inner shell works with an anti-slip layer of durable synthetic rubber to provide great shock, scratch, and dust protection. Screen protection is doubled as well, thanks to the inclusion of a screen protector as well as Otterbox’s Shield Stand that clips over the screen while you’re carrying your Kindle and doubles as a stand when you want to use it. It’s expensive and doesn’t provide water-proofing — but if you want the best possible impact protection, then Otterbox is always the first port of call.

Otterbox Defender

iThrough Waterproof and Shockproof Case ($25)

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If you’re anticipating your Kindle will have a pretty rough life, then you might be interested in a case that adds shock-absorption and water-proofing. iThrough has created a fully sealed case that should stand up to a good amount of abuse, and keep your Kindle safe from the worst the world can offer. Plugs on all the ports and an included screen protector ensure fully-sealed IP68 water-proofing, so you can keep reading in the rain and get away with dropping it in a puddle. It’s also tested against drops of up to 1.2 meters, giving good protection for your Kindle against falls, as well as other shocks.

iThrough Waterproof and Shockproof Case

Moko Premium Vertical Flip Case ($17 – $20)

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Do a lot of hands-free reading and wish there was an easier way to prop your Kindle open? Perhaps you use your Kindle as a recipe book, and being able to quickly and easily glance at your Kindle’s screen is a priority? However you do your reading, this case from Moko should make your reading life that little bit easier. Rather than the (admittedly fitting) book-style cover adopted by most other cases, this case flips vertically, allowing your Kindle to be propped up by the case, and offering an easy base for your Kindle to rest on. The polyurethane leather outer layer is durable and easy to clean, while the inner lining of microfiber keeps your Kindle softly snug. A built-in wake/sleep function should help to conserve some of your Kindle’s battery, and the outside comes in a variety of attractive designs, from black and other colors, to the attractive City Night design we featured above, and a van Gogh-inspired Starry Night design.

Moko Premium Vertical Flip Case

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case ($40)

amazon best kindle paperwhite cases
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Created to be as simple as possible, Amazon has cut out all possible distractions to make this a case that doesn’t get between you and your reading. With sleep/wake technology included, your Kindle will sleep with the cover closed, and wake when opened — making it easy to dive straight back into your reading. When it’s time to move on, the magnetic clasp keeps the case closed while your Paperwhite is in your bag, and ensures it isn’t accidentally activated while you’re traveling. Thin and stylish, Amazon’s own case has more than 15,000 5-star reviews, and though it’s pricey, you won’t be disappointed when you put this on your Kindle. It also comes in five different colors, so if you’re not taken with the Ink Blue above, check out the other options.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case

Olixar Leather-Style Kindle Paperwhite Case ($12)

olixar best kindle paperwhite cases
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From Amazon’s premium option, to something a little more budget. But don’t let the price fool you — Olixar is a new accessory manufacturer with a solid reputation, and this case is no exception. Made of PU leather, this case will be easy to maintain and keep clean, but also resistant to outside damage and capable of keeping your Kindle scratch-free. Like the Amazon cover, the Olixar case features a magnetic closing clasp, with sleep/wake functionality. The inside of the case is made from a soft microfiber lining to nestle against your ebook reader’s screen, but it’s the addition of a hand strap that really helps this case to stand out. Usually folded flush to the inside of the case, the strap can be used to hold your Kindle with one hand, and keep it secure while you sip a luxurious cocktail — or a more humble cup of tea. It’s also available in blue.

Jonathan Adler Bargello Waves Cover ($30)

waves cover best kindle paperwhite cases
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If you’re not a fan of the leather and leather-style options (and not everyone is) then this cotton canvas print case could well be the right choice for you. Available in a wide variety of different patterns, these cases let you make a statement with your Kindle, rather than the sleek and understated look of a leather case. Secured by a series of elastic straps, these cases aren’t made specifically for the Kindle Paperwhite, so they’ll fit other models of Kindle, but they’ll hold the ebook reader securely without blocking any charging ports or buttons. The soft inner lining also contains a large pocket — perfect for storage on-the-go, and for tucking away anything you need. Durable and lightweight, if you want to add some style to your Kindle, these cases could be the way to go.

Fintie PU Leather Origami Case ($15)

fintie best kindle paperwhite cases
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For pure utility and protection, you can’t go wrong with the Fintie Origami case. Aping the style of Amazon’s earlier Origami cases is no bad thing, especially when the result is so good. With a few easy folds, you can set up your Kindle at a viewing angle to suit your needs. It also comes with a magnetic closure and sleep/wake functionality, as well as a hard plexiglass layer underneath the PU leather that helps to protect your e-reader from damage. Ultraslim and lightweight, you’ll barely know this case was there at all — and it comes in a staggeringly large variety of designs as well.

Fintie PU Leather Origami Case

But wait — we’re not done yet. We’ve put together guides on how to get the best from your Kindle, from how to share books with family members, to how to delete or archive books. And if you don’t have any books to hand, here’s our list of great free Kindle books, and advice on how to transfer existing ePub books to your Kindle. Happy reading!

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