Protect the Moto you made: 10 colorful Moto X cases

Customization options galore, contextual awareness, and voice controls made the Moto X a stand out release. It has been dropping in price as Motorola looks to get back in the game. You can find out what we thought of it in our Moto X review. If you’ve picked one of your own then it would be advisable to snag a case or cover to keep it in good condition. Let’s run through some of the best Moto X cases on the market today.

Incase Pro Shell Case ($35)Pro_Shell_Moto_X

After designing the exact look you want with your Moto X, it would be understandable if you didn’t want to cover it up with a case. The Incase Pro Shell is being offered on Motorola’s website, and it combines transparent hard plastic on the back with a rubberized frame in various colors. The frame provides some extra grip. If you’d prefer to show off the phone you designed in all of its glory then you can always get the Snap Case, which is completely clear, for $5 less.

Trident Aegis Case ($35)Trident_Moto_X

This case is tough; in fact it meets military standards for drops and vibrations. It combines soft silicone with an outer polycarbonate shell, and there’s a screen protector included as well. Dust filters protect the speaker bays and silicone plugs keep your ports clean and safe. The lanyard loop gives you options; you can safely attach it to you, or attach accessories to it. It comes in a choice of five colors.

OtterBox Defender Series ($50)OtterBox_Moto_X

It is chunky, and the color options don’t stretch to the variety available in Moto Maker, but a Defender case from OtterBox is all about protection. Memory foam cradles your Moto X, absorbing impacts and preventing scratches. A virtually indestructible polycarbonate shell surrounds that. To finish off you have a built-in screen protector, and a malleable exterior layer for added grip. It ships with a holster and it’s a good choice if you tend to be hard on your phone.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case ($10)Cruzerlite_Moto_X

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for a basic case. This one is made from flexible TPU which makes it easy to fit. It has a circuit pattern with the Android mascot on it, but Cruzerlite does offer an alternative pattern in the Experience case. Both are translucent. They have all the cut-outs you need for uninterrupted use of your smartphone and they will safeguard against minor damage. They’re also available in a really wide choice of colors.

Seidio Surface with Metal Kickstand ($35)Seidio_Moto_X

This hard protective case comes in two pieces which makes it very easy to slide your Moto X in. There’s a soft touch coating which provides extra grip and makes it comfortable to hold. The magnetic kickstand is the real attraction, as it allows you to prop the phone up on your nightstand, or set it in landscape to view videos, but you can get it without the kickstand for $5 less if you prefer. It comes in four colors.

Case Mate Naked Tough Case ($35)Case_Mate_Moto_X

As the name suggests, this case is designed to make it look as though your Moto X isn’t wearing anything. The hard outer shell is completely transparent, and the plain black, flexible bumper absorbs the shock from impacts. It’s very slim and light, so it could be a good option for anyone trying to avoid adding bulk. It does also have a lip to protect the screen if you should ever lay it face down.

Poetic Atmosphere Case ($4)Poetic_Moto_X

The mix of polycarbonate and TPU makes this a really durable case that will keep your Moto X blemish free after minor bumps. It’s transparent, so you can show off your customized phone, but there is a subtle grey border design. You’ve got the cut-outs you need and built-in volume controls. At the discounted price of $4 this is a great budget option from a decent case manufacturer.

Areser Leather Slim Book Case ($8)Areser_Moto_X

You can flip open this book-style case and slide your Moto X into place. It has cut-outs for the camera and you can access all the ports and controls. You can also fold it back to double up as a landscape stand for watching videos. As the price suggests, this is not real leather, it’s polyurethane. You can get it in a few different colors and it comes with a free stylus. Don’t expect top quality at this price or you’re going to be disappointed.

Incipio Watson Wallet with Removable Case ($35)Incipio_Watson_Wallet_Moto_X

There’s a large selection of good cases for the Moto X coming from Incipio and this looks like the pick of the bunch to us. You’ve got a removable hard shell feather case inside and a “vegan leather” front cover with a micro-suede lining and three wallet slots for credit cards and ID. It’s secured with an elastic band and is a versatile solution that’s perfect for protecting your Moto X in different situations. If you want to travel light take the cover off, if you’re stowing your Moto X in a bag put the cover on and it will protect the display.

Amzer Hybrid Case with Kickstand ($15)Amzer_Moto_X

Another classic combination of silicone with a hard shell exterior, the Amzer Hybrid case also features a kickstand that allows you to rest the Moto X in portrait or landscape view. It is a little chunky, but it will protect your Moto X from bumps and falls. If you don’t like plain black you can get a striking white and black variety where the outer shell is white. It’s a decent case for the money.

That’s all of the Moto X cases we have for now, but check back often because we will be adding the best new options as they emerge. If you want to recommend a Moto X case then post and share.