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BlackBerry 10 Z10 for Verizon allegedly appears on leaked retail page

Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform hasn’t even launched yet, but we’re already getting a glimpse of what’s to come. An allegedly leaked image has shown that the Blackberry Z10 could be coming to Verizon in black and white color variants.

The photo originated on EvLeaks, which posted the unreleased Verizon product page via Twitter on Friday. RIM hasn’t even officially revealed the names of the first two BlackBerry handsets, but numerous leaks have convinced most that they will be titled the Z10 and X10. The leaked Verizon website displays the device’s name as the Z10, leading us to further believe that this is in fact the smartphone’s public name rather than a codename.

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The carrier’s website didn’t reveal too much, but simply showcased an image of the device with its name alongside it. No technical specifications, features or availability could be found.

While there is evidence to support that the first BlackBerry 10 phones will bear the monikers Z10 and X10, there are some findings that indicate they could be called something different. Interestingly enough, a reportedly leaked spec sheet for the BlackBerry 10 L-Series surfaced earlier this week. We’re not sure if this is tied to the purported Z10 or X10 handsets, but we’re looking forward to learning more at the end of the month.

This spec sheet revealed that an L-Series touchscreen BlackBerry phone would feature a 4.2-inch display with a 1280 x 768 pixel HD resolution. It will allegedly come equipped with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and an 1,800mAh battery, according to TechRadar. RIM, however, vows to remain tight-lipped until the end of the month concerning its upcoming mobile platform.

“We understand that there is a lot of excitement for BlackBerry 10,” a RIM executive said to CNET concerning the spec sheet. “We will launch the platform on January 30 and until then we don’t comment on speculation.”

As the launch of BlackBerry 10 steadily approaches, it seems as if an overwhelming number of reported leaks have hit the Internet. In addition to those mentioned above, a lengthy 7-minute video walkthrough of what is believed to be the Z10 appeared online earlier this week.

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