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Lisa Eadicicco

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Lisa Eadicicco is a technology and video game reporter based in New York City. She graduated from Purchase College in 2012 where she studied journalism, and enjoys playing music and reading graphic novels when she's not writing.

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AT&T CEO likes the idea of unsubsidized smartphones, plans to watch T-Mobile closely

AT&T's CEO commended the idea of no subsidy contracts when it comes to smartphone sales.

Nokia to shell out $1 billion to Microsoft to license Windows Phone

Nokia announced in its earnings report that it will pay Microsoft $1 billion in royalties for Windows Phone usage.

AT&T to expand LTE coverage by acquiring Verizon’s 700MHz spectrum licenses

AT&T has announced that it will acquire licenses to Verizon's 700MHz bands, allowing the carrier to expand LTE coverage across the U.S.

Mobile Web browsing on the rise: Opera user base grows to nearly 230 million in 2012

Web browsing software company Opera has just released some noteworthy statistics from the end of 2012, namely that its mobile presence has grown immensely.

Goodbye Symbian: Nokia confirms that its 808 PureView smartphone will mark the end of the OS

In its quarterly earnings report, Nokia confirmed that it will no longer use the Sabian mobile operating system for its devices.

Tim Cook boasts Apple sold ’10 devices per second’ last quarter

As Apple reports its sales numbers for last quarter, CEO Tim Cook brags that the company sold 10 devices per second.