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BlackBerry leaks: four new touchscreen devices shown


BlackBerry is preparing to enter the age of touch in a big way. A series of leaked images and videos have popped up around the Web, showing four new RIM smartphones, all of which sport fancy new capacitive touch screens. The BlackBerry Bold Touch, Torch 2, Orlando, and Touch are all detailed below (via Pocket-Lint). While most of them are modified versions of already released handsets like the Curve and Torch, there is a touch-only phone as well. Still, we can’t help but wonder where these phones were two years ago.

BlackBerry Orlando


The BlackBerry Orlando may sound like a new phone, but it’s mostly a BB Curve Sedona with a touchscreen. N4BB, a BlackBerry blog site, has uncovered the new device, which sports OS 6.1, a physical keyboard, a trackpad, and, well, that’s really all we know so far.

BlackBerry Touch Monza


A new leaked document shows that the “Touch” is the GSM (AT&T) version of RIM’s new touchscreen-only BlackBerry. It’s CDMA counterpart is called the Monaco Touch. Unlike the Storm, however, it appears to more closely resemble an Android or iPhone device and use capacitive technology. It will have a 3.7-inch screen, 800×480 pixel resolution, 1.2GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, has a MicroSD slot, and a 5MP camera.

BlackBerry Bold Touch (Montana)

If you aren’t confused by RIM’s naming conventions, you will be soon. N4BB recorded a quick video showing how responsive RIM’s new touchscreens are and Boy Genius Reports has some new hands-on impressions of the device, which looks pretty slick for a candy bar phone.

“The unit itself is extremely solid and the touchscreen is very responsive,” said BGR. “and who could forget that great and spacious BlackBerry keyboard? The BlackBerry Bold Touch also uses a new battery from RIM, so hopefully the addition of a touchscreen to this famous BlackBerry form factor won’t have too much of a negative impact on battery life.”

The Bold Touch is a GSM device with a 5MP camera, 4GB of internal storage, 768MB or RAM, a 2.8-inch screen (640×480), and has built in NFC technology.

BlackBerry Touch 2


Finally, we arrive at the BlackBerry Torch 2, the sequel to the (you guessed it) BlackBerry Torch. Much like its predecessor, the Torch 2 has a slide-out keyboard and runs OS 6.1. Unlike the Torch, however, this phone isn’t cripplingly slow. It has a 1.2GHz processor, 640×480 display, and is set for a July release on AT&T. BGR claims it is much more responsive than last year’s model, but shares the same physical dimensions as the old unit.

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