BlogStar Celeb Content via Sprint Mobile

BlogStar announced today that it’s “groundbreaking” mobile blogging service is available to Sprint wireless customers directly through select Sprint phones.

BlogStar has worked out agreements with celebrities to create original mobile content; the service creates a way for fans to keep a direct connection to their favorite celebs. BlogStar’s current roster includes Bam Margera, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, The Game, Nicky Hilton, Nick Lachey, Kelly Slater, David Arquette, Wesley Snipes, Alicia Silverstone, Caprice, Juliette Lewis, and West Coast Customs. Celebs can create text and photo blogs; users can chose between weekly and monthly subscription options.

“I am tremendously pleased with the depth and breadth of our artist roster,” said Ted Field, Co-Chairman of BlogStar. “In addition to being extremely creative, all of the artists that we are working with are very talented entrepreneurs who want to build their mobile business and produce original content specifically designed for the mobile environment.”

(Hey, good to know talent is a factor!)

“It’s an exciting time,” said surf star Kelly Slater. “I am excited to be working with BlogStar and be able to take all of my media and instantly zoom it out to any of my fans around the world in order to communicate directly.”

The BlogStar Mobile is also accessible at or by sending a text message with the word “BlogStar” to 25647 (“blogs”).