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Thinking he bought an iPhone 6S, this man found out he bought a Chinese pancake instead

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Normally, when you open up an iPhone 6S box, you’d expect to find an iPhone 6S inside. Unfortunately for one Chinese man with Hou as his surname, that didn’t end up being the case, reports Shanghaiist.

According to the report, Hou did what anyone would do when trying to buy an iPhone 6S, which isn’t exactly the cheapest of phones to buy: try to find the phone for less. Luckily for Hou, he came upon a seller offering an iPhone 6S for $230. According to the seller, the reason for the surprisingly low price tag was because the phone was smuggled into China. Just like anyone who found an iPhone 6S for 70 percent off normal retail price, Hou jumped on the deal and bought the iPhone 6S.

Unfortunately, when Hou opened the box, there wasn’t an iPhone 6S inside. Instead, Hou received a Chinese pancake, which takes around 30 minutes to make and includes flour, oil, water, Asian sesame oil, and chopped green onion. In other words, there was actual effort taken in making sure Hou didn’t get the deal of a lifetime.

Hou attempted to contact the seller to tell him about this yummy mix-up and get a refund, but by that point, the seller was nowhere to be seen. On the bright side, at least Hou spent $230 and not the whopping $830 the 16GB iPhone 6S normally sells for in mainland China. In addition, at least Hou got something delicious from the matter.

Even so, it’s hard not to feel for Hou, who thought he made out like a bandit when he attempted to purchased an incredibly affordable iPhone 6S. In addition, paying $230 for a Chinese pancake isn’t exactly how anyone would want to spend their money. There’s a lesson to be learned here: if something looks too good to be true on the Internet, that’s because, often times, it is.

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