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Does the Google Pixel 6a have wireless charging? Know this before buying

For a more budget-friendly device, the Google Pixel 6a is packed with features. Ever since the introduction of the Pixel A series, Google has impressed its fans by offering a cheaper version of its flagship smartphone line that still holds its own against other competing devices despite the reduced price. The Pixel 6a is no exception, but despite how much it’s able to do, it doesn’t have all of the features you would expect from a regular Pixel 6 or 6 Pro — namely, wireless charging.

As phones have become essential devices for many people across the world, battery features like fast and wireless charging are hotly requested when new devices launch. A big question many have been asking about the Pixel 6a is in regards to its wireless charging options. Previous Pixel A phones haven’t supported it, but as Google’s budget devices tout more impressive specs with each release, some are hoping that the 6a will be the first in the series to have it.

Someone holding the Google Pixel 6a. The display is on and showing the lock screen.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends

The short answer is no, the Google Pixel 6a doesn’t have any wireless charging capabilities. This may be a disappointment for many looking to charge without needing a cable and adapter, but it shouldn’t be a huge surprise. As mentioned above, none of the previous Pixel A devices has supported it, so if the 6a were to be the first, it would likely have been a big part of the smartphone’s marketing.

No wireless charging on the 6a could be a problem

Wireless charging would have been a huge convenience here, especially considering that the 4410mAh battery is really only good for one day of use. Unfortunately, recharging the Pixel 6a is a bit of a hassle. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro disappointed in terms of charging speeds, and the 6a is arguably worse. The Pixel 6a takes around two hours to get a full charge after being completely drained. Despite Google’s “fast charging” marketing for the smartphone, it only supports 18W charging, which is pretty behind the curve when compared to other competing phones.

Because the Pixel 6a doesn’t support wireless charging or fast charging, its battery life could be a sticking point for some. While that aspect of the 6a is far less than ideal, there’s still plenty about it to love. The display is solid, the cameras are great, and Google’s Tensor chipset is extremely capable. When considering the $449 price, it’s hard to be mad at the Pixel 6a for having to cut corners in some areas — even when wireless charging would have been amazing to have.

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