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Filmic Pro camera app tips

Sure, the iPhone’s camera is convenient, powerful, and easy to use. but what if you want to take your smartphone cinematography to the next level? Why not take professional looking video, whether it’s of your kids, or for your first feature film… on your iPhone… with just an app! Whether you want to shoot an incredibly cool, must watch movie… or you just want to shoot awesome video of your kids and family… Filmic Pro is a powerful app for your iPhone that gives you control.

Filmic Pro is $9.99 and well worth it. Let me show you why. When you open it up you’ll see a bunch of icons on the screen. The box lets you set your focus. If you don’t want focus moving all over the place, you can specify where to focus throughout the video. And you can change that while filming. Tap it to set the focus, you’ll notice it changes to red when locked.

Another button lets you set the exposure. You can do a LOT of great stuff with this. If your shot is overexposed move the exposure to adjust how the video looks. This alone can take your video quality WAY up!

Toggle the top menu and you have even more options:

  1. Adjust the audio up or down
  2. Use guides to help you frame your shot better with the rule of thirds
  3. Turn on image stabilization
  4. Get the manual if you need help
  5. Change cameras from front to back
  6. Turn on the light if you’re shooting in the dark
  7. Zoom in or out

Use these features and your video is going to look a LOT better than if you just shoot with the regular ol’ built in camera:

  1. You can change settings like resolution and go to 4K if your phone lets you
  2. Change the Frame Rate to get a more stylized look and feel
  3. Change what audio source you use. You’ll see more options if you plug in an external microphone
  4. You can lock orientation and other device options
  5. You can even create presets. The Kids soccer game is going to have different settings than when you’re shooting video for your business.

Get creative with this app! Play with the settings… you can’t hurt anything. And see what kind of awesome video you can create. Of course send me a link when leaving a comment. I look forward to seeing them!

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