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The Fisher-Price Chatter telephone of your youth is back, now with Bluetooth

If you’re like me, you probably grew up with the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone. Yes, that’s the one with the adorable colors and movable dial. It offered hours of make-believe phone calls, including the odd one to your parents — always very urgent, of course.

Well, now you can really take calls and bring back a piece of your fun and imaginative childhood with a working replica of the toy. In celebration of Fisher-Price’s 60th anniversary, it has made a real Chatter Telephone that anyone with a phone to use.

Say Hello to the Special Edition Chatter Telephone™

This working rotary phone features a clunky, colorful design on four wheels to enable mobile transport to wherever your phone is needed. The pull string, unfortunately, is no longer included so peopelwill have to manually pick it up instead of pulling it along behind them. On the plus side, the eyes still wobble when the telephone is moved.

Image of Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone rotary dial.

Using Bluetooth, the Chatter Telephone easily pairs with your device up to 15 feet away and can take or make phone calls from your smartphone. It doesn’t come with any apps, it features no emojis, and it has no camera, so really, it’s just a Bluetooth handset in a kid-friendly design. It does, however, have a completely different color system for each dial of the rotary phone, so you can easily tell the numbers apart, and it even has a speakerphone for easier calling while you work or play.

While it may not be the best phone of 2021, for a lot of us, it was our first phone. If you want to revisit a simpler time in your childhood, Fisher-Price has released the working Chatter Telephone replica for purchase at Best Buy for $60. It’s available while supplies last.

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