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Elizabeth Tirk

Elizabeth Tirk

Mobile Writer

Elizabeth is a small town writer based out of the US, focusing mainly on mobile tech news. Part of her interest in tech is shared in her pursuit for mechanical and power engineering degrees.

An iPad shows art made with Procreate and a Meko Stylus.

I used my phone and tablet to become an artist – here’s what happened

Is it possible to become an artist with just your phone? I tried my hand at it on a mid-tier phone and tablet, and I was pleasantly surprised.
Flo's policies are visible on screen of phone laid on table.

Are period tracking apps actually safe to use? Everything you need to know

Is your personal safety truly at risk while using period tracking apps since the overturn of Roe vs. Wade?
Phone with app on screen laying over a notebook with a pen.

These 5 apps completely changed how I live with my ADHD

For years, I felt lost and overwhelmed living with ADHD. But after trying these 5 apps, I finally feel like I'm in control.
Someone taking a picture of a llama cookie.

Finding recipes on TikTok and YouTube is my new favorite way to cook

Finding recipes on Google is a chore, so I decided to use TikTok and YouTube instead. And the results might surprise you.
An iPhone using the PictureThis app to correctly identify houseplants.

I tried 3 plant identification apps, and one was deadly

After comparing three plant ID apps with Apple's Visual Look Up and Google's Google Lens feature, I discovered one was a danger to my plants.
A woman is connected to the LINKHUB 5G CPE router.

TCL’s new routers give you 5G speeds at home and on the go

TCL is pursuing new, faster 5G connectivity options for homes and businesses.
Samsung's Galaxy A13 from all angles.

Cricket is making mobile data more affordable with FCC help

As part of the Affordable Connectivity Program, Cricket is striving to make mobile data more affordable for those who qualify for the FCC-backed program.
Verizon 5G Super Bowl

Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband comes with home internet options

If you're in an eligible area, Verizon's new Ultra Wideband data plans might be a great option for unlimited data and home internet.
Image of NxtPaper 10s.

TCL new, full-color NXTPAPER 10S debuts alongside two budget tablets at CES 2022

TCL has announced the new full-color NXTPAPER 10S at CES alongside two budget slates.
Image of the Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with devices ontop.

Belkin’s sleek 3-in-1 MagSafe pad charges up your iPhone 13, other Apple devices

As part of their Made of MagSafe Collection, Belkin has announced two new chargers to make charging faster for your iPhone 13 or Apple Watch Series 7.
Image of a picture being taken with a Moto G Power.

Motorola’s new Moto G Power (2022) keeps long battery life, adds better camera

Motorola's Moto G Power (2022) continues the traditions of a long-lasting battery, but now has a better camera and higher-refresh screen.
Image of phone designing in Motorola 312 Labs.

Motorola’s 312 Labs is trying to make unique and innovative new products

Motorola's new 312 Lab is here to change the way mobile technology is developing as parent company Lenovo doubles investment in R&D.
Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Premium’s newest features include a Daily Readiness Score, ECG app

Fitbit Premium's Daily Readiness Score is here and ready to help users get the most out of their day and their devices.
Image of TCL 20A 5G front and back.

TCL’s 20 XE and 20A 5G are new budget phones that cost less than $200

TCL's 20 XE and 20A 5G are a pair of new carrier-exclusive smartphones that cost less than $200.

Cricket Wireless brings 5G access to all plans and removes speed cap

Cricket Wireless is changing its rate plans to offer 5G to all customers and removing the 8 Mbps speed cap.
snapchat ios App Store. Credit: XanderXT / Shutterstock

Snap partners with Camo app creator to bring AR streaming to your phone

Snap Inc. and Camo have joined together to make augmented reality streaming a feature with the new Camera Kit.
Image of Anker magnetic battery attached.

Anker’s new MagGo line finally brings useful additions to MagSafe ecosystem

Anker's MagGo series takes full advantage of MagSafe with new portable batteries, docks, charging stations, and grips.
Image of Tab Pro 5G Tablet front lock screen.

TCL’s Tab Pro 5G might be worth it for Verizon customers who want cheaper 5G

The Tab Pro 5G is TCL's first 5G slate for Verizon, and while it comes with midrange specs, it has a couple of unique features.
Google Pixel 6 colors.

Here’s where you can pre-order the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro right now

Here's what you can expect in terms of availability and prices on Google's Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.
Image of Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone.

The Fisher-Price Chatter telephone of your youth is back, now with Bluetooth

The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone you owned as a kid is back, this time with Bluetooth connectivity to help you relive your childhood.
T-Mobile smartphone.

Ookla’s Speedtest determines the fastest 5G provider in the U.S.

Ookla's Speedtest Intelligence found the best 5G provider in the U.S., and the results shouldn't be a surprise.
Image of the Nokia G300 filming.

Nokia’s new G300 may be the most affordable 5G phone in the U.S.

HMD Global's Nokia G300 is a budget-friendly 5G phone that does more than just fast downloads.
Image of Tile Mate in black on keys.

Tile’s new Ultra, Pro, Slim, Mate, and Sticker come with better range and new features

Tile revamps its Pro, Mate, Slim, and Sticker lineup and unveils a new Ultra model with ultra-wideband support and improved finding.
Man repairing phones.

Microsoft expands right to repair through new agreement with a nonprofit

In agreement with As You Sow, Microsoft expands repair options for customers of their various devices.
Image of Moto G Pure.

The Moto G Pure might be Motorola’s most affordable entry-level phone yet

Motorola's upcoming Moto G Pure manages to stay affordable while still offering respectable features compared to other budget phones.
Image of Cricket Icon 3.

Need a new budget-friendly phone? Cricket Wireless’s Icon 3 has you covered

Cricket Wireless is back again with the upcoming and affordable Icon 3 for those looking to save money while staying up to date.
A woman smiling outdoors wearing sports wear and a Fitbit Charge 5 on her wrist.

Fitbit Premium’s new Calm integration promises to help cut stress, improve sleep

Fitbit brings new features to Premium subscribers including the Calm app, snore detection, and stress tracking.
YouTube Kids

Are your children safe online? Bark and Cricket offer monitoring app to parents

Bark and Cricket Wireless offer a free and discounted parental monitoring tool to help keep children safer online.
Main home screen on the iPhone 13 Pro.

Do MagSafe cases really keep your iPhone 13 safe? Allstate put them to the test

The iPhone 13 underwent a series of drop and durability tests from Allstate. See how it fared.
peak designs new mobile accessories iphone android design s everyday loop case

Peak Design’s new universal phone case could meet all your mounting needs

Peak Design's new Mobile accessories bring universal phone case and mount options to iPhone and Android phones.