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Anker’s new MagGo line finally brings useful additions to MagSafe ecosystem

Anker’s new line of MagSafe chargers called MagGo is finally starting to create the MagSafe ecosystem we’ve been asking for since the release of the iPhone 12. That’s not to say MagSafe accessories haven’t existed up to this point — there are plenty of options — but even Apple hasn’t released a uniform set of accessories taking advantage of everything MagSafe can do in terms of mounts, cases, and charging solutions. Our own experience with MagSafe has been that while it’s nice to have, we wouldn’t really miss it if it didn’t exist.

The MagGo lineup is set to change that. It consists of the Anker 623 Magnetic Wireless Charger, 622 Magnetic Battery, 633 Magnetic Wireless Charger, 637 Magnetic Charging Station, 610 Magnetic Phone Grip, and 613 Magnetic Wireless Charger. It’s not the most creative naming convention and actually makes it rather confusing to differentiate between products, so we’ve broken down the differences and similarities below.

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery

Image of Anker Battery acting as a stand.
Anker Innovations

Unlike Apple’s MagSafe battery pack, Anker’s 622 Magnetic Battery not only doubles as a foldable stand, but it’s nearly half the price. The 5,000mAh battery adds up to 17 more hours of life to your iPhone when fully charged, far exceeding the MagSafe, which won’t even charge your iPhone to full. The battery itself charges with a USB-C port, and its output is 5/7.5 watts depending on device. At only $60, it’s a reasonably priced product that comes in Misty Blue, Interstellar Gray, Dolomite White, Lilac Purple, and Buds Green.

Anker 623 Magnetic Wireless Charger

Image of Anker wireless charger versatility.
Anker Innovations

Made for desks, the 623 Magnetic Wireless Charger has a flat surface for your iPhone to attach to while it charges at 7.5 watts. Size-wise, its dimensions are 2.49 by 2.49 by 3.14-inches. That’s a bit bulky compared to other chargers, but sturdy. The wireless charging surface has an adjustable range of 60 degrees, so you use it as a stand. When raised, there is a second charging pad underneath meant for smaller devices like earbuds. Like other chargers in the lineup, it has a USB-C port for charging. A 5-foot cable and 20-watt wall charger are included. It costs $80, and you get to choose from Misty Blue, Interstellar Gray, Dolomite White, and Lilac Purple color options.

Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station

Image of the back of the Anker Charging Station.
Anker Innovations

Anker’s 637 is a circular charging station with multiple outlets to charge up to seven other devices at the same time. It is compact enough that you don’t have to work too hard at cable management. Aside from the three AC ports, you get two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. It can charge a laptop at 65 watts, and your phone wirelessly at 7.5 watts. Priced at $100 (yes, same as the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack), it comes in Misty Blue, Interstellar Gray, and Dolomite White. This charging station is only available for purchase in the U.S.

Anker 633 Magnetic Wireless Charger

Image of Anker 633 Magnetic Wireless Charger front and back.
Anker Innovations

A 2-in-1, the Anker 633 works as both a charging station and a battery you can take anywhere. While attached to the stand, you can adjust the viewing angle of your phone by 40 degrees. Like the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery, this charger uses a 5,000mAh battery to power it for an output of 12 watts when it’s acting as a charging dock and 5 watts or 7.5 watts when used as a portable battery. The charging pad on the base of the stand provides 5 watts of output for earbuds and other devices. It’s a lot like the 623 in terms of what it can do, but it looks better and allows you to take power with you. The only downside is that the battery itself doesn’t have a kickstand to use when away from the charging base. The price also runs on the higher end at $120. It comes in Misty Blue, Interstellar Gray, and Dolomite White. It also won’t be available for purchase until early December.

Anker 613 Magnetic Wireless Charger

Image of Anker 613 Magnetic Wireless Charger.
Anker Innovations

Drivers also have some options thanks to the Anker 613. You can mount it in your car and use it for navigation. It has an adjustable viewing range of 134 degrees. Like the magnetic battery, it charges your phone wirelessly at 5 watts or 7.5 watts. With the dual ports, you can get 15 watts USB-A wirelessly or 20 watts USB-C wired. Do keep in mind that this charger only works with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models since there aren’t any other ports for output. It comes in Interstellar Gray with a 5-foot cable and will run you $70.

Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip

Image of Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip.
Anker Innovations

There’s not a whole lot to say about the Anker 610 Phone Girp. Like the others, it magnetically attaches to your phone to allow you the use of a grip that adjusts to any angle. It could theoretically hold the weight of four iPhones so you don’t have to worry about accidental detachment, but that’s pretty much all it does. No charging or other special features are built-in. It releases for $16 in Misty Blue, Interstellar Gray, Dolomite White, and Lilac Purple.

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