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Fitbit Premium’s newest features include a Daily Readiness Score, ECG app

Fitbit is releasing two new features for subscribers starting November 9. One is for subscribers to its Premium plan that will allow them to take advantage of the Daily Readiness Score, which is designed to help users achieve the optimal workout and recovery times for their bodies. The other feature is the ECG app, available on the Fitbit Charge 5 only, which tracks the rhythm and atrial fibrillation of the user’s heart.

Daily Readiness Score

New or existing subscribers to Fitbit Premium will be able to use the Daily Readiness Score to receive a personalized score each morning with notes on how that scoring was achieved. With it, you’re supposed to be able to track when to rest, work out, stress management, and more. Fitbit promises a lot, but users will have to practice their patience since calibrating takes four days to receive the first score.

Over time, your readiness score should become more tailored to your lifestyle. From there, it will help you better understand what your score means in relation to your activity, sleep patterns, and heart rate variability. With a low score, it may advise you to rest more. A higher score means your body is ready to prioritize a more intense workout to minimize fatigue. Depending on your score, you might be recommended content intended to maximize your day.

Image of Fitbit Premium Daily Readiness Score High.

It’s important to note that users wishing to receive a daily score will have to keep their devices on for at least 14 hours a day, with at least three of those hours being while sleeping. The devices compatible with Daily Readiness Score are the Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe, or Inspire 2. For those interested, more in-depth information on what the Daily Readiness Score can do is available.

ECG app

With the built-in electrocardiogram on the Charge 5, users can view and assess the heart readings taken by their device. These readings can help offer greater insight into the user’s heart activity, and possibly even be actual data to show their doctor if they wish. To get a reading, users only need to open the app and hold the stainless steel side panels on their device for 30 seconds without moving.

Other Fitbit Premium features

Those interested in trying the Daily Readiness Score can do so by heading over to Fitbit to sign up for the Premium plan. Frst time subscribers have the option of a free trial to start off. Aside from the Daily Readiness, there are a pile of other features Premium members can try to help reduce stress or get a better night’s sleep.

If you’re not quite sold on getting a Fitbit, or you’d like to know more about what else is out there, take a look at 2021’s best fitness trackers. Some of them are more affordable, offer different designs, or match other fitness needs.

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