Flagship Samsung phone pics leak, has super AMOLED display

For those disappointed by the look of the Nexus S, check this out. Engadget has obtained a corporate slide showing a new “flagship” Android phone from Samsung. While it could be a fake, the slide shows an extremely sleek and thin phone running Android Gingerbread and Google cloud services. The device’s super AMOLED2 screen measures 4.3-4.5 inches, a bit larger than Motorola’s Droid X. We don’t know the states of sAMOLED2, but we assume it’s nicer than the standard AMOLED screens on current generation Galaxy S phones. The device is set to launch in the first half of 2011.


The phone will also have 16 GB of onboard storage, an 8 megapixel camera that can record 1080p video, has a 1.2 GHz processor, Bluetooth 3.0, and 14.4 Mbps HSPA network connection. Samsung’s Galaxy S series has performed quite well, with more than 7 million units shipped in the United States so far.

Like Galaxy S phones, the design appears to borrow heavily from the iPhone. This device, however, appears to mimic the iPhone 4, with a single button on the bottom and silver side paneling. Engadget believes it could debut as early as February, 2011. Samsung may unveil the phone at the Mobile World Congress

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