The best Galaxy S9 cases to safeguard your Samsung smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S9 sports the same curved design and Infinity display as the S8, so you'll want to get a case to protect it. Here are our top picks for the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases so far.

Samsung's Android Go smartphone could be released worldwide

Android Go is Google's premiere entry-level OS for emerging markets, and while manufacturer adoption has been slow, a Samsung phone could be about to join its ranks, according to benchmarking website Geekbench.

Take a look at what could be the future of Samsung’s Galaxy phones

A Samsung patent has been published showing a mystery device with a massive, almost bezel-less front screen, and potentially a second screen on the back of the phone. We could be looking at the future of Samsung's Galaxy phones.

Can the BlackBerry Key2 hold its own against the best Samsung has to offer?

If you just can't replace that real feedback from hitting a physical key, then BlackBerry's new Key2 probably has you very excited. But does the Key2 have what it takes to hang with the biggest boys on the block?

Bask in the rays of the Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9, which arrives in the U.S. soon

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are here. The flagship devices boast some awesome new features and a powerful new processor. Here's everything you need to know about these Samsung phones.

Master your Samsung smartphone with these handy Galaxy S7 tips and tricks

If Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 has sailed into your hand, then you might be interested in some useful Galaxy S7 tips and tricks to help you unveil its many abilities. Get more from your phone with this handy guide.
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Get your clothing clean with the best top load washers

Whether you need to get out tough stains, wash expensive fabrics, or just get your gym clothes clean again, there's a top-load (yes, we said top load!) washer that can handle all those scenarios and more. Here are the best.

See why no one would have bought Samsung’s Project Valley foldable phone

Did you ever wonder what Samsung's Project Valley folding phone looked like? A set of leaked pictures have revealed exactly that, giving us a glimpse at the prototype device from a few years ago.

Speed test: Galaxy S9 Plus vs. S8 vs. S8 Plus vs. Note 8

The Galaxy S9 Plus sports the cutting-edge Snapdragon 845 processor, but how much impact does it really have on the phone's performance? We ran the phone, and three other Galaxy devices, through a series of speed tests to find out.

Will Samsung introduce a button just for photography on the Galaxy S9?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will surely be big, bold, and pricey, but will it be foldable, or have an under-display fingerprint sensor? Those are just some of the rumors swirling around one of 2018's most-anticipated phones.

Samsung has booked the Gear S3 into this flash hotel, and it’ll never leave

Staff at upmarket Viceroy hotels will soon wear a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch at work, which will be used instead of the established walkie-talkie communication system we're used to seeing and hearing.

Samsung's Galaxy X foldable smartphone could retail for over $1,800

Samsung has been showcasing bendable display technology for a few years now and a folding smartphone might finally become a reality. The Galaxy X may be the company's first example, and here's everything we know about it.