Fun Foaster iPhone dock will hide in plain sight in your kitchen


The kitchen is becoming a hotbed (or should that be hotplate) of mobile tech these days, from tablets designed specifically to be washed off under the tap, to iPod-enabled scales, and Wi-Fi kettles. Those handy surfaces and conveniently placed sockets also make it the ideal spot to recharge our phones. However, instead of leaving them laying around, how about slotting them into the Foaster until they’re ready?

As you can see from the picture, the Foaster looks like a small toaster, but instead of producing golden brown slices of toasted bread, fully charged iPhones emerge. We’re not usually taken with novelty-style tech items, but this looks quite fun, and its ability to charge a pair of phones makes it standout.

You can find the Foaster on Kickstarter at the moment, where it’s halfway through its fund raising campaign. It’s made of plastic and is partially covered in an aluminum trim, while the base is made from metal, keeping it solidly planted so your phone can be removed using one hand. Inside are a pair of Lightning cables, making it compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and the iPhone 5S.

The design has been thought about too, as the iPhone pokes out of the Foaster just enough to see your most recent notification on the screen. The slots are large enough to accept iPhones inside a regular case, but massive, super tough cases will have to be removed. Like the iPhone itself, you get the choice of several colors, including one with gold trim.

If, like us, you like the idea of an iPhone dock that hides in plain sight in the kitchen, then you’ve still got time to back it on Kickstarter. It’s priced at $80 with shipping in America, or an earlybird special is offering an internationally shipped Foaster for $90.