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Check your inbox — Google may have invited you to use Bard, its ChatGPT rival

AI chatbots have been the subject of much public fascination as of late, with the likes of ChatGPT continuously making headlines. But now, Google is finally getting in on the trend by soft-launching Bard for select Pixel users.

Bard is Google’s AI chatbot that was previously unavailable to the public, but according to a report from 9to5Google, the company is inviting some of its most loyal and dedicated customers to give it a try.

Someone holding the Google Pixel 7 Pro.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Currently, it seems like Bard is only available to a small number of Pixel Superfans as outlined in the email shared with 9to5Google by a Pixel owner that was invited to try the chatbot. Based on the wording of the email, it seems as if the invited superfans still don’t have access to Bard; however, they’ll be among the first to give it a shot. The email specifically mentions that “input from a wide range of experts and users will help Bard improve,” so if you were one of the lucky Pixel Superfans to get an invite, know that the chatting experience still is yet to be finalized.

Hopefully, the fact that Google is reaching out to fans to start testing the chatbot and giving feedback on it means that Bard is another step closer to a public release. So far, we’ve only seen Bard at work once. In February, Google showed the chatbot off for the first time, but it proved to still be something of a work in progress after it got the facts wrong when asked a question regarding space photography. Following the showcase, Google has kept relatively quiet over the last month and a half about the chatbot.

Even though Bard seemed like it still has a way to go before it is ready to be launched in full, it’s clear that Google feels it has made substantial progress if the company is confident enough to start letting Superfans give it a shot.

If you are a member of the Pixel Superfans and interested in getting an early look at Bard, check your email to see if you’ve got an invite. There may still be some things to be ironed out with the chatbot. However, its appeal as an alternative to ChatGPT is certainly enticing, so it’ll be exciting to see how the two stack up once more people get their hands on it.

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