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Google Chrome 59 for Android will load your web pages 10-20 percent faster

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Google launched Chrome 59 for Android, bringing a number of improvements and new features to the mobile browser. While the browser may look the same, Google made a few tweaks under the hood that should seriously improve the browser’s performance.

According to Google, Chrome 59 will allow for faster page loading and will take up less memory. The browser also features a few stability and bug improvements. As a result of the tweaks, Google notes that web pages should load between 10 and 20 percent faster than they otherwise would, which is a nice boost for users.

Chrome 59 also brings full support for animated PNGs, also known as APNGs. APGNs are very similar to GIFs, however, they support 24-bit images, and 8-bit transparency — so they are a little higher quality than GIFs. The format has been gaining quite a lot of traction of late — it has been supported in Mozilla’s Firefox for some time now and Apple added support for it in iOS 10’s iMessage app.

If you do not already have Google Chrome 59, you will likely get it soon — it is currently rolling out to Android devices through the Google Play Store.

Google has been making some serious improvements to Chrome for Android over the past few months. In May, the company updated the browser to add support for saving content for offline viewing. That feature was a pretty important release and not only does it make it easier for people to browse the web without an internet connection but it also takes a bite out of services like Pocket.

To download content for viewing offline, all you have to do is open a page and open the menu, after which you will notice a small download button. Then, to browse through your downloaded content, hit the “Downloads” button and you will be able to scroll through everything you have saved.

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