Standalone apps for Google Docs and Sheets now available for download

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Even though Google’s Drive app is already available for both iOS and Android, and it contains Docs, Sheets, and Slides, the little search company that could has decided to launch dedicated apps for its document suite. You can now download Docs and Sheets for iOS and Android, with Slides coming soon.

According to Google, releasing these standalone apps will “make it easier for you to quickly find, edit and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go.” If you don’t install the apps, the Drive app will prompt you to download them whenever you edit or create a document or spreadsheet. You’ll still be able to view and organize your files.

While there’s no drastic difference in functionality between the Drive-integrated apps and the standalone versions, you can the ability to view a list of recently-accessed documents, spreadsheets, or slides. In addition, offline support is built into the apps, so there will be no need to hunt for an Internet connection.

Google Docs and Sheets are now available on the App Store (Docs) (Sheets) and Google Play (Docs) (Sheets).