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Put away that body spray, fellas: Google Glass is ‘great for picking up girls’

google glass great for picking up girls glasses interview
A hoard of hot women are just out of frame. We swear!

We’ve questioned what it will be like in the future for those who choose to wear Google Glass, and other forms of wearable technology, before. In most cases we fretted about the negative aspects, but it turns out we should have been more positive, at least based on the experiences of two Explorers from Virginia. Why? Because according to one of them, Glass is, “Great for picking up girls.”

Tam Ayers, a Virginia Tech graduate, and by all accounts a complete geek – he had an iPad Mini, an iPhone, two Android phones, programmable NFC tags, a Pebble watch, and a Chromebook on him when The Roanoke Times interviewed him – told the paper that “girls come up to you like crazy” when you’re wearing Google Glass.

“It’s funny,” he said, “My friends who are girls are like, no girl is going to come up and talk to you because you’re wearing them… but they’re a real conversation starter.”

So, just to recap at this point. Ayers has a bag full of cool gadgets, and early access to Google Glass, which he uses to attract members of the opposite sex. He goes on to say he’s never been told to take them off before entering a shop, school or bank; and even the people who said they wouldn’t talk to him while he wore the specs always ended up doing so.

It just keeps getting better (for Tam, not for us mortals). He hasn’t been mocked or ridiculed for wearing Glass, and instead has made new connections, attended a technology summit after being invited due to Glass, and, “Got a taste of the celebrity life.” He said Google’s glasses have given him, “Instant credibility” wherever he goes. It certainly sounds like Glass makes life pretty good!

Ayers even wore Glass at his graduation and was able to live stream the ceremony to his grandmother, giving her arguably the best seat in the house, who watched on her iPad as she couldn’t attend due to her health. We think that’s great.

To try Glass out at this early stage, Ayers had to pay $1,500 to get an early developer unit, but he says it has absolutely been worth every penny. If all this isn’t enough of a ringing endorsement of Google Glass, Ayers says when the final versions hit retail stores, he’ll be queuing up to buy a pair, at which point he’ll retire his Explorer Edition in the hope it becomes a collectors item. We wouldn’t bother buying a pair if you live in Virginia though, as thanks to Ayers and his geek-chic playboy lifestyle, everyone will be sick of the sight of them.

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