Gresso’s insane iPhone case is so durable a grizzly bear can stand on it

If you adore your iPhone 7 and want to make sure it stays protected, while lavishing it with some love at the same time, the name at the top of your shopping list should be Gresso. It’s a luxury phone brand also known for its custom smartphone projects, and for producing limited edition phone accessories. This is the Gresso Magnum, a beautiful, and quite insane, case for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. It’s going to cost you $500, but is made from titanium and gold, so your iPhone is really going to know you love it.

The case comes in two parts. First is an inner flexible TPU section for absorbing shocks and to protect the screen when the phone’s face down on the table. The real standout piece is the grade-5 titanium shell that attaches to the TPU case, providing style and immense durability. How much? Gresso claims the Magnum will withstand up to 550 pounds (250kg) of force. To put this into perspective, it should easily cope with a full-grown bear standing on it — a scenario many of us here at Digital Trends deal with on a regular basis. Additionally, the combined toughness of the titanium and TPU shell means the phone will survive a 10 meter drop.

Gresso’s lattice design looks superb, and keeps the weight of the case down. It really added very little additional bulk or heft to our iPhone 7, while the striking looks attracted many admiring looks and comments. There’s an 18k gold plate embedded in the titanium with Gresso’s logo embossed on it, along with the limited edition number. Just 999 are made of each style, and it takes Gresso’s engineers eight hours to create each one. They arrive in a presentation case covered in black leather.

Fitting the case is easy, but removing it requires the use of a special key to pry the two sections apart. When it’s on, the iPhone’s volume keys are hidden under a single TPU strip that sits flush against the side of the case. This does make it more difficult to locate them than usual, but the sleep/wake key is raised up and doesn’t suffer from the same problem. The lattice work takes some getting used to when holding the phone, as it’s totally different from the smooth or textured cases we’re more familiar with.

The version you see in the pictures is polished titanium, but a version with a black PVD coating is also available for a stealth look that’s also popular in the watch industry. It’ll cost you $600, rather than the $500 for the regular version, and the price is the same regardless of whether you choose the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus case. Both can be purchased through Amazon.

It’s an outrageous price for a phone case, regardless of what it’s made from; but we love the unusual design and its ability to really protect our device. If you’ve got the money sitting around, you won’t be disappointed with the Gresso Magnum.