Drop tests are so yesterday: HTC One M9 takes on 700 degrees of fire instead

A simple drop test involves dropping a device onto the floor and seeing what happens. Apparently, website Digiato didn’t get the memo, because its drop test involved 700 degrees of fire, reports Phandroid.

The test starts out earnest enough, with a few drops resulting in a cracked screen. Shortly after, however, the video’s host escalates things by introducing a flamethrower into the mix. Suffice it to say, the HTC One M9 being tested didn’t survive the fiery hell it went through, but, surprisingly enough, it did manage to last a good amount of time before it gave up the ghost.

Of course, drop tests are more about chance than they are about actual device durability, but we’ll admit it was fun, albeit pretty gut-wrenching, to watch the One M9 come face to face with a flamethrower and actually survive for a bit. In addition, the actual drops the One M9 took on did show the phone to take a reasonable amount of punishment, lending some credibility to its ability to withstand abuse to a certain degree.

Thankfully, our review of the One M9 didn’t have us feeling as if a flamethrower blasted us in the face, since we ended up recommending the phone for those on the hunt for a new Android device. With that being said, the camera and battery left us wanting much more, while we felt the bezels were deserving of much-needed trimming.