HTC Titan will be available from AT&T on Nov 20th for $199

htc titan unboxedThe Windows Phone that was designed to be the nemesis of every pair of skinny jeans finally has a release date. HTC’s massive 4.7 inch Titan will be available for AT&T customers on November 20, for the price of $199 on contract.

We first learned about the giant Windows Phone 7 Mango device in September, and have been eagerly awaiting its release since that date. Internally the Titan is pretty much identical to every other Windows Phone device, but no other phone has screen quite so large. The 4.3 inch super LCD screen does have an underwhelming resolution of only 800×480 (VGA), as that is the only resolution supported by Windows Phone devices.

When the Titan hits the market on November 20 it will be the largest phone currently available in the U.S. That honor used to belong to the Dell Streak which had a 5 inch screen, but was discontinued a couple of months ago. Samsung makes a 5.3 inch Android phone called the Galaxy Note, but currently there are no official plans to bring the Galaxy Note to the states. Even though the Titan is the largest phone commercially available there is a bigger phone on display in New York.

The $199 price point is nice to see, especially since several recent phones have been sporting $300 price tags. If you really want to upgrade to a Mango device but can’t quite afford the $199 price tag you can pick up the Samsung Focus Flash for just $50 on contract.

The question becomes is the Titan too large? Seeing how only a year ago 4.3 inch phones seemed too big, and now they are common place we think this giant form factor is here to stay.