HTC announces two new Windows Phone 7 devices the Titan and Radar

HTC Titan Windows phone 7Today HTC unveiled a pair of Windows Phone 7 devices in Berlin. We heard rumors about these phones with different names, and without much information about what each phone offered. The phones have been dubbed the Titan and Radar. The Radar appears to be a mid-ranged phone for smartphone shoppers, and the Titan is a high-end flagship device. Both phones will come with WP7 Mango pre-installed, but no release date was given.

Let’s start with the Titan which is more exciting in most every way. The most notable feature of the Titian is the massive 4.7inch super LCD screen. Granted it is smaller than Samsung’s new Galaxy Note, but it will have one of the largest screens available on a phone ever. HTC also packed in a 1.5gigahertz single core processor, 8megapixel rear camera, and 1.3megapixal front facing camera. On paper the biggest possible issue we can see will be the screen’s resolution, which is VGA quality at 800×480.

HTC Omega Radar SmartphoneThe Radar is still a large device measuring in at 3.8inches of glass wrapped in aluminum. The specs are also reduced compared to the Titan with a 1gigahertz processor, 5 megapixel rear camera, and no specs released for the front camera but we know there is one. The Radar shares the same screen resolution since all WP7 devices have to be at 800×480 resolution.

Both of these phones look to be great devices, and clearly HTC is trying to steer clear of the norm with the screen sizes on these phones. Time will tell just how popular the 4.7inch form factor will be, but it is safe to assume that we will see at least one HTC Android device come out with the same size screen sooner or later.

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