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iOS 17 could come with these 6 exciting changes

As we get closer and closer to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), where we expect the unveiling of the company’s  mixed reality headset, the rumors about iOS 17 continue to pile up every day too.

According to a Weibo post from the same user who revealed that the iPhone 14 would come in a yellow color, iOS 17 may bring six big new features. Some of these changes involve the Control Center, lock screen, Apple Music, and App Library.

The App Library on the iPhone 14 Pro.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Here is the list of possible iOS 17 changes:

  • Different font size options for the lock screen
  • Ability to share custom Lock Screen designs with other iPhone users
  • Lyrics from Apple Music can be displayed on the lock screen
  • Simplified Apple Music interface
  • Control Center design changes
  • Flashlight brightness can be adjusted via a slider, like how the volume si controlled

We’ve already heard whispers that the Control Center would be getting a redesign, so that seems much more likely with this new report. But the other features from this account seem to be new things that we’re hearing about for the first time. Of course, none of these are exactly groundbreaking, but some users may have been requesting them, and they can actually be some nice quality-of-life improvements.

So far, it seems that all iOS 17 rumors point to it being more of a release that is focused on stability and performance enhancements rather than bringing big, innovative new features. The source for this particular rumor, however, does not have a long-term history with Apple rumors, so none of this is guaranteed until we see Apple reveal iOS 17 on June 5.

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg recently shared what he expects from iOS 17 on The MacRumors Show podcast, which includes overall improvements to the Find My and Wallet apps. He has also stated that iOS 17 is unlikely to have “major new features,” like the home screen widgets in iOS 14 and lock screen customization in iOS 16.

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