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iPhone 4S top selling phone on America’s three largest carriers

Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone is the best-selling phone on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint in the month of October. To add an exclamation mark to that last statement the iPhone 4S was released on October 14, so it out sold everyone else in half the given time.

After selling 4 million phones in the first weekend it was expected that the iPhone 4S would produce some very impressive numbers. Something that might not have been expected is the fact the over a year old iPhone 4 is in the top three selling phones for each carrier. Sadly we aren’t able to see which phone(s) bested the iPhone 4 and on which networks.

With the Droid RAZR coming out on November 11 it will be very interesting to see if it will be able to unseat the iPhone on Verizon’s network. There does not seem to be any real contenders coming out in November for Sprint so it seems as though the iPhone is safe on that network. AT&T will be releasing the HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket on November 6, but with so few LTE areas it is very unlikely that they will have overwhelming sales.

It seems as though Apple is in a fantastic place sales wise leading into the holiday season. While we fully expect the iPhone 4S to remain the top selling phone for the foreseeable future, we are curious how long the iPhone 4 can compete.

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