A Hong Kong woman’s iPhone 6 Plus went out with a bang while charging overnight

iPhone 6 Plus
It’s not fun to find your phone cooked to a crisp when you wake up from your slumber, which is what recently happened to a Hong Kong woman and her iPhone 6 Plus, reports EJ Insight.

According to the woman, who was only identified by her last name, she plugged in her 128GB handset at 1 in the morning in order to charge it overnight. Roughly 7 hours later, she heard a loud bang and then saw that her iPhone 6 Plus was on fire. She allegedly put out the fire using one of her pillows, but all that remained were the charred remains of her iPhone.

Tsang is looking for compensation from Apple for her damaged iPhone 6 Plus, since the blame seems to fall on the charger she used. In this instance, she used an iPad charger, which has a current of 2.1 amps. Relatively speaking, the iPhone charger has a current of 1 amp.

Of course, with such an incident, it’s easy to assume that Tsang used a faulty third-party charger, even though she maintains all of her accessories were original Apple products.

similar incident happened late last month to an iPhone 6 in India. Kishan Yadav was calling someone when he saw sparks coming from his iPhone. Soon after, Yadav threw the phone out of his car in fear, and the iPhone 6 exploded immediately after making contact with the ground.

Even though it wasn’t revealed whether Yadav used a faulty charger when the incident occurred, or any charger at all, it wouldn’t be the first time someone suffered the consequences of an exploding phone. Back in April, Minnesota man Tim Tyrrell bought a knock-off wall charger from eBay. Tyrrell was using his iPhone 5 while it was charging when the phone blew up in his hands, leaving him with a nasty electrical burn that required a hospital stay.

Suffice it to say, Tsang is lucky to have escaped the incident without any injury or further damage to her living quarters.

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