The iPhone X is hurting Apple’s iPhone 8 pre-orders, analysts say

iPhone X op ed screen

Pre-orders for the new Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are underway, and unusually, even now you can still order one and receive it on release day. Analysts examining the data related to those orders say many people are holding back, and haven’t decided to grab Apple’s latest hardware yet. The reason? The iPhone 8 will only be Apple’s latest device for about a month, at which time the iPhone X will be released, and it’s a very different beast. The consensus is, Apple fans are waiting for the X, which means the real iPhone rush will start at the end of October.

Data published by analyst Gene Munster shows the new iPhone models had a one- to two-week delivery time over the first weekend after pre-orders went live, while some models still have a September 22 release day delivery date attached. It’s noted that compared to previous years, the more expensive but better-equipped 8 Plus also has a shorter lead time, suggesting either supplies are greater or that people are saving their money.

The evidence of a less-than-enthused response to the iPhone 8 continues. In previous years, some desirable new iPhone models have had a three- to six-week wait attached by this point, analysts at KGI Securities say. It believes the iPhone X is a prime reason why the iPhone 8 is so readily available. Pre-orders are traditionally placed by early adopters and hardcore Apple fans, who are more likely to be attracted to the iPhone X than the mildly updated iPhone 8.

A Twitter poll we took shortly after Apple’s September event also showed the general feeling towards the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. We asked which new iPhone model they were most likely to buy, and out of the more than 1,300 people responded, 72 percent chose the iPhone X.

Ahead of the iPhone X announcement, there were concerns the device would be in very short supply. Apple hasn’t restricted the iPhone X’s release, and will have the new phone available to order in 55 countries on October 27, so clearly doesn’t anticipate extremely tight supplies. Has it instead underestimated how many people would be willing to pay $1,000 or more for the phone?

If more people are waiting to buy the iPhone X, as analysts are suggesting, then don’t expect shipping times to reflect those of the iPhone 8 during the first week of pre-orders. If you want one, and aren’t quick off the mark, you should be prepared for a long wait.