Kids stupidly destroy iPhone 6 Plus in Apple Store to prove Bendgate is real

Ever since the iPhone 6 Plus was released two weeks ago, the handset has been plagued by reports that it bends without requiring too much effort on the part of the user. Some are a bit too eager to put Bendgate to the test. Say hello to Danny and Kylie, two 15-year-olds who somehow thought it was a good idea to visit a local Apple Store and damage an iPhone 6 display unit, as reported by The Daily Dot.

The boys claimed to have asked an Apple Store employee if Apple’s latest and greatest phone can bend. Likely thinking of an answer in the context of normal usage conditions, the employee reportedly said it couldn’t be done. Eager to prove the employee wrong, Danny and Kylie purposely bent an iPhone 6 Plus

Eventually realizing that this monumentally stupid act could have some consequences, the pair deleted the original video. By then, however, it was too late; an automatic Reddit mirroring service means that their act of idiocy has been recorded and publicly shared.

Amazingly, Danny and Kylie aren’t the first ones to pull off such a stunt. Wall Street analyst Walter Piecyk recently tweeted about going to an AT&T store and conducting his own bend test. While Piecyk presumably used more caution, it’s baffling to still read about someone going into a store and basically destroying something that isn’t theirs to destroy.

Even worse is the lack of remorse in purposely ruining the phones. “It was completely one of theirs, which is awesome to think,” said Kylie. “The reason why we were laughing a lot of the time is just because it was really funny; we were in the Apple Store bending and breaking their iPhone.” As he wrapped up the video, Kylie made one last observation: “That’s, like, criminal damage, I guess.”

In a follow-up video, Kylie apologized for the stunt and takes full responsibility for the broken iPhone 6 Plus. “We know what we did was wrong,” said Kylie. He also noted that, while it didn’t take much pressure to bend the handset, he’s doubtful that such a thing would happen while in a pocket. Kylie said that he hopes Apple contacts him to find a resolution, though Apple might be more worried about possible copycats.

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