LG preps G Watch 2 with OLED screen for IFA

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LG is bound and determined that the Moto 360 won’t steal its thunder this September at IFA. Just months after its first smartwatch debuted, LG reportedly plans to introduce its successor, the G Watch 2.

LG’s first G Watch received a lot of criticism for its IPS display, which was less vivid and attractive than the AMOLED screen found on the Samsung Gear Live Android Wear smartwatch. Now the company plans to rejuvenate its smartwatch with an OLED screen from LG itself and a Qualcomm processor, according to Korea Times, which cited an LG official as its source.

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The first G Watch came with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 processor onboard, which we found to be quick and responsive in our review. It’s unclear which Qualcomm chip will arrive on the G Watch 2 and whether it will improve the smartwatch’s overall performance or battery life at all. No further details about the second generation G Watch were given in the report.

LG will be in attendance at IFA in Berlin, Germany at the start of September. The company is expected to reveal several TVs during the show, but it’s unknown which mobile devices it will introduce at the event.

If the G Watch 2 does make an appearance at IFA, it’s entirely possible that it may just appear in the innovations showcase in demo mode. The Korea Times’ source did not specify whether the G Watch 2 will receive its consumer launch at IFA, or simply be on view to tantalize would-be smartwatch buyers.