Marvel Comics follows DC, titles going day-and-date by 2012

avenging spider-manGood news for those of you that like your comic books digital, Marvel is following DC and the day-and-date bandwagon for its line of iconic superhero comics. The major comic publisher announced early Thursday that it expects to take the majority of its titles day-and-date digital by the end of March 2012. That means no more waiting weeks or months; as soon as a physical store gets a title, you’ll also be able to download the comic via mobile app.

Gizmodo (who scooped the story) points out that, unlike DC’s relaunch of its entire 52-title universe, Marvel will be staggering day-and-date for individual titles. The rollout for titles will most likely coincide with new arcs and major launches. Though the company plans to have all of their major titles taken care of by April next year, its mature MAX imprint will not make the leap, and neither will third-party content like The Stand adaptation.

Marvel took an early lead in the digital realm with its MDCU library and its Ultimate universe going day-and-date last year, but competitor DC has recently moved aggressively into the digital, spurred by record-low print sales. But with Marvel catching up, now all of your spandex wearing childhood favorites get a second life.

DC’s reboot was announced and began in September with Justice League #1 and the first issues of Detective and Action comics. DC’s vaunted Vertigo imprint, as well as Image comics, are expected too follow.

For those of you concerned about your friendly neighborhood brick-and-mortar comic shop, Marvel is setting up a program that allows you to redeem a digital copy using a code when you buy a physical copy of a comic book. Avenging Spider-Man 1 will be the first comic to test out the new program.

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