Cute video shows most cats choose the Lumia 930 over other smartphones

microsoft gets cute latest lumia 930 video catz using
Microsoft wants to sell you a Lumia 930, and will use everything in its power to convince you to buy one. Its latest ploy, and the most devious yet, is to show the phone being used by a family of slightly anthropomorphized cats. It’s an overload of cuteness, as they all communicate with each other using Lumia phones, shoot videos, and naturally, text messages sent between them regularly contain words with the letter S replaced by the letter Z.

We know your game, Microsoft, and we’re not going to fall for it. Actually, yes we are, because the video is adorable.

However, this isn’t a straight forward commercial for the Lumia 930. It’s the work of filmmaker Mia Mullarkey, and was recently chosen as one of Social Media Week’s, Microsoft-sponsored Creative Invites competition winners. Although at first glance it’s just another cat video on the Internet, the video does satirize smartphone commercials in general. Just listen to the music, and tell us you haven’t seen the wholesome family setting many times before, for example.

Whether intentionally or not, Mullarky’s video also manages to highlight the Lumia 930’s excellent touchscreen. The Lumia 930’s 5-inch,1080p resolution display is equipped with Nokia’s Super Sensitive Touch system, so it can be used while wearing gloves, with a stylus, or by someone with long nails. Or paws with claws. The short film was shot using a Lumia 930, which features a 20-megapixel PureView camera on the rear, complete with a large sensor, optical image stabilization, and a Carl Zeiss lens.

But who cares about the tech, when this wonderful video has cats browsing photo galleries, and a teacher called Mr. Catwright giving Leopold too much homework. Time to watch it again.

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