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Millennials are not the most loyal when it comes to apps, Nielsen finds

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They are the most coveted demographic for marketers, advertisers, and what seems to be most businesses today, but alas, millennials are proving to be a fickle group. Per Nielsen’s latest volume of its “Millennials on Millennials” report, it would appear that millennials are not exactly the most loyal of customers and this trend applies even in the realm of digital services.

In the second volume of the Nielsen study, researchers examined how those between the ages of 18 and 34 use communication and streaming music apps. While we certainly appear to be addicted to these sorts of tools, there is not a consistent preference toward a single app. And that, as one might expect, could present a problem for companies who hope to lock down a loyal user base.

Nielsen found that around 60 percent of millennials do not stick to a single music service, but rather switch between at least two apps. In contrast, those older than 35 tend to be a bit more singular in their tastes, with just 39 percent reporting to use more than one app on a regular basis.

Similarly, 70 percent of millennials depend on two or more messaging apps to stay in touch with their friends. However, just 42 percent of users over the age of 35 report doing the same. Perhaps part of the reason for the diversified app usage among younger generations is the need to send more than just text — Nielsen reports that millennials are often sending photos and videos in addition to words, whereas the older generations simply use text messages.

Curiously enough, however, millennials are not necessarily spending the most time on their smartphones. Nielsen estimates that those between 18 and 34 spent around 78 billion minutes a week using their smartphones in the first three months of the year. That works out to around 1,062 minutes per person. On the other hand, those between 35 and 49 spent 73 billion minutes a week on their smartphones during the same period, which works out to slightly more time per person at 1,196 minutes.

Ultimately, Nielsen concluded, “It’s abundantly clear that millennials approach digital content consumption differently from the rest of the population. More specifically, millennials are an unfocused audience, not particularly loyal to just one digital music or communication service. But this doesn’t mean millennials are consuming less content.”

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